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Terms and conditions
Cover provides standard cover in the following areas:

Buildings and contents

Accidental loss, destruction or damage to:
* Your buildings and premises
* Office contents or belongings
* Fixtures and fittings
* All fixed glass and bathroom fittings
* Illuminated signs


Breakage and damage for:
* All glass inside and outside the premises
* All wash-hand basins, sinks, lavatory bowls and cisterns

Loss of money

Loss of money up to selected limits while:
* In transit
* In a bank night safe or on bank premises (before being accepted by the bank)
* On your premises
* In your or an employee's home

Cover higher limits for loss of:

* Crossed cheques, giro cheques, postal and money orders, banker's drafts
* Unused units in franking machines
* National savings certificates
* Credit-card sales vouchers
* VAT purchase invoices

Liability and legal costs

* Compensation, legal costs and solicitor's fees
* Employer's liability
* Public liability
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