Travel Insurance in Ireland, Backpacker, Annual, Single

Depending on your circumstances, there are different types of travel insurance to suit your needs. Click for -> travel insurance.You can buy single trip travel insurance if you go away just once or twice every year. Financial gains for Single Trip insurance include: - Cancellation and Delays. You may have to cancel your trip due to reasons such as a near relative dying - Medical Expenses - Loss of Luggage - Emergency Evacuation

Backpackers or extended stay travel insurance is perfect if you are going away on long trips up to one year. With this length of time travelling you are better off being safe and reassured that certain unfortunate possible occurances are covered by your backpacker travel insurance. With backpacker travel insurance you are protected from many of the things the great outdoors can throw at you allowing you to enjoy your escape without worrying too much about the details.

Annual Travel Insurance is perfect if you travel regularly through the year. This option works out much cheaper when compared with buying a single trip policy each time you go on a holiday or otherwise. You simply pay a set price for the year and are covered for all your travelling.

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